The Geography of Hope

LaBute, Hawke, Harris, Farmiga align for The Geography of Hope

May 2nd, 2013

An early 2014 start date has been set in Puerto Rico for crime thriller, The Geography of Hope, with Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Vera Farmiga and Emmanuelle Devos attached to star in the Neil LaBute written script that he will also direct.

The pic is set in the 1970’s and takes place at a Baja resort where two small time crooks (Ethan Hawke and Ed Harris) are keeping a low profile after a heist gone wrong. When they meet two women vacationing together (Vera Farmiga and Emmanuelle Devos), sparks fly romantically but tension builds when a large amount of cash is found in their room. This discovery sets in motion a catastrophic series of events that pits man against woman and friend against friend, until we reach a nail biting and bloody conclusion.

The Geography of Hope will be produced by Stefan Nowicki and Joey Carey of Sundial Pictures, Trace Sheehan of Boomdozer Inc and Tim Harms. Susan Wrubel is exec producing and The Salt Company is handling international sales with Salt’s sister production company Pimienta providing production services in Puerto Rico, doubling for Mexico.

From LaBute, “ The Geography of Hope will be a film filled with vivid images and poetic violence. It’s about men and women – a subject that I know and love – and about goodness and badness running into each other head on. This is a film I’ve been waiting my whole life to make.”

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