Metrodome, Salt team on production slate

November 1st, 2012

Metrodome Group plc is expanding its production output with a slate of films through its subsidiary company Cinedome. Five projects are currently at various stages of development and production. Metrodome Distribution will executive produce the slate and handle theatrical and H.E. rights in the UK; international sales will be handled by The Salt Company who will be involved from the early stages of each production. Metrodome will co-produce between 4-5 features a year from 2013 onwards.

The Borderlands, the first feature from the slate, is in post- production with Salt commencing sales at AFM, it’ll be theatrically released in the UK in mid 2013. An innovative horror feature, it was produced for Cinedome by Jennifer Handorf and stars regular Ben Wheatley collaborator Robin Hill. The script was written by director Elliot Goldner with input from Dr Who and Severance scribe James Moran.

The Borderlands tells the story of a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of sinister events at a remote church. Salt are playing early footage at AFM

The slate will focus on elevated genre theatrically released films with some of the UK’s most exciting new writing and directing talent working alongside established British producers. Full or part funding for projects will be provided through a relationship with an EIS fund.

Projects scheduled for production in 2013 include:

Slayer – a supernatural action thriller based in Roman Britain, produced by Black Camel and directed by Sam Walker.

Whitaker – a contemporary take on Frankenstein, produced by Rook Films and directed by Jim Hosking.

The Monsters – a thriller set against the back drop of football hooliganism, produced by Leo Pearlman’s Fulwell 73 and co-developed with Cass Pennant.

Fallen Eagle – an SAS siege drama, produced by Gaia Media and directed by Adam Randall

Sam Walker and Adam Randall both hail from The Vipers Nest, the creative collective for commercial, first-time British and Irish filmmakers launched by Salt in 2010.

Further production announcements and appointments will follow in the New Year.

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