salt launches the vipers nest 2

May 31st, 2013

Salt champions filmmakers who are intent on making commercial films in the UK. We started The Vipers Nest creative collective for commercially orientated first time filmmakers in October 2010 because we felt there wasn’t as much support for them as those who want to make the artier stuff. It was such a success, and fun to boot, we’ve decided to do it again.

The Vipers Nest 2

Of the original Vipers Nest line-up, two have made feature films screening at Sundance, Toronto, Sitges and London; one wrote a TV feature which had a European TV audience of over 12 million. Another was selected for 2011 Screen Stars of Tomorrow and is currently financing their first film with Altitude and US-based Occupant. One is developing a project with iFeatures. Two are attached to films set up at Metrodome and Salt, another has been directing a hit TV series airing on BBC One. One is developing TV projects with Salt and also has an app game in production. Additionally, three have created global ads for brands such as Yeo Valley, Timberland and the Home Office. There have been many shorts, music videos, virals and a handful of successful collaborations between them all, with more to be announced soon.

The Vipers Nest 2 opened for submissions in January and Salt were deluged with over 180 applications. Samantha has selected 22 directors, writer directors, writers and producers from backgrounds in TV, shorts, music videos, commercials and documentaries.

Meet The Vipers

It is an independent scheme. Salt takes no rights over anything which is created within the group. Salt just want to encourage serious commercial ambition, help make successful films with clear target audiences out of the UK, and support a swathe of exciting new talent find their feet and their voice.

Said Horley, “I was thrilled to bits to see the number and level of applicants we had this time around, meaning The Vipers Nest is seen as a real opportunity to advance a film career in the UK. I’m so excited to put 22 talented and diverse Vipers together, not just for mutual support and inspiration, but to see some magic happen”.

What The Vipers Have to Say About The Vipers Nest

“I came to Vipers when I knew no-one in the industry, having just arrived on the scene with Grabbers [script]. So aside from learning a shit ton about a ton of shit, I’m really grateful for the friends Vipers has given me. I’ll always consider myself part of the group and am proud to have been a part of it for the last two years.” Kevin Lehane

“Because of Vipers I have had a really productive week (well month or 2 really) of helping other Vipers and their helping me. I even made an impromptu visit to Bob’s office yesterday when I needed to send an urgent lawyery email that my iPhone couldn’t format properly. I feel supported and loved.” Susie Watson

“Crucially, I have come to understand the importance of knowing your audience before pouring energy into a project. It’s been nothing short of a privilege to be part of The Nest.” Jonathan Hopkins

“Vipers has become a place of refuge, with like minded people. It’s an exciting place to develop both as an individual and as a Producer, and to develop projects and collaborate. On the other side of things it’s a great friendship group, a place where you can call on your peers for a drink and a chin wag.” Rachel Dargavel

“I can genuinely say that sharing experience, set-backs and achievements with fellow Vipers has been invaluable to me. A source of much needed solidarity, motivation and inspiration. I am currently developing a project with a fellow first generation Viper and I haven’t felt this excited about writing in years.”

“First rule of Vipers Nest… You don’t talk about Vipers Nest.” Corin Hardy

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