Salt set to Meet the Monsters

May 13th, 2013

Salt will launch sales on Metrodome’s Meet the Monsters in Cannes.

Gabe Turner’s thriller, which he also wrote, is set among the clans and firms of South East London. It centres on a devoted husband and father Mitch who puts his gang back together after his old friend and mentor is beaten up and left to die.

The film is the second from the Metrodome slate, following Rook Films’ Whitaker which is also being sold by Salt.

Meet the Monsters is produced by Leo Pearlman of Fulwell 73 and Cass Pennant of Urban Bridge Films. It will be executive produced for Metrodome Distribution by Jezz Vernon.

Cast is to be announced.

Fulwell is currently producing the One Direction 3D film This is Us.

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