Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle


Chris has been hired by Oscar-winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) to develop a number of scripts including the environmental thriller Burn Up, the screen adaptation of the cult novel The Raw Shark Texts and the animated feature Truckers for DreamWorks. His first feature screenplay The Pilgrimage was shortlisted for the 2010 BBC Tony Doyle Award, eventually winning the runner up prize. His adaptation of Little Lord Fauntleroy for Yellow Bird Pictures (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) gained a European TV audience of over 12 million and was the most-watched television programme in Italy on Christmas day 2012.

He works as an actor under his Equity name Chris McQuarry and has appeared in a number of productions including the BAFTA winning TV series Tinseltown and Jimmy McGovern’s Emmy-nominated docu-drama Sunday.

Chris “I don’t like thinking too much. Best to just dive in and see what happens.”

He is represented by Katharine Vile and Hannah Begbie at United Agents.