David Reed

David Reed


David Reed is a writer/performer working in comedy. In 2006 he co-founded sketch group The Penny Dreadfuls with whom he has created two series of The Brothers Faversham and two plays (Guy Fawkes and Revolution) for Radio4. For the stage, he co-wrote and performed in the award-winning Aeneas Faversham Trilogy, fantasy thriller The Never Man and sketch show The Penny Dreadfuls. In 2011 he brought his debut solo comedy show David Reed Shamblehouse to the Edinburgh Festival to great critical acclaim. Now moving into film, he is a fan of immersive, fantastical story-telling.

David is “passionate about creating worlds that audiences want to see more of. They should believe that the story carries on once the movie ends.”

He is represented by Debi Allen at Debi Allen Associates.