Gael McLaughlin

Gael McLaughlin


With a background in both documentary and short film producing for organisations such as the BBC, Channel Four and Granada and in digital production of apps, advertising campaigns and websites Gael has a strong interest in the cross-media potential of stories.

After working as assistant to the producer on the Lionsgate thriller Harry Brown starring Sir Michael Caine, Gael was one of six selected for the 2010 Magic Light Producer Training scheme. This lead to collaborations with two of the companies she spent time with, Substance PR with whom she’s developing the game app for her feature film Madam Samurai, and Salt with whom she’s partnering to develop a number of TV drama projects, with one of her original ideas already in to broadcasters for consideration.

Her project Madam Samurai has also been published as a series of graphic novels .There’s also significant interest from production companies both in the UK and the US in developing the story as a TV drama series, and discussions are ongoing. She’s also working with several other Vipers on both film and cross-media collaborations.

Gael is represented by Sara Putt of Sara Putt Associates.

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