Cherry Tree Lane

genre Drama
director paul andrew williams
writer paul andrew williams
producers Ken Marshall
executive producers Mark Foligno
cast rachael blake, tom butcher, ashley chin, sonny muslim
country UK
production status Completed
running time 78min
year 2010

“Imagine if the makers of urban Brit pic Bullet Boy and Mike Leigh had collaborated on a remake of Funny Games, and you have a rough approximation of Cherry Tree Lane, an impressively dark chamber piece from helmer Paul Andrew Williams”

“an intense, very slyly comic thriller”

“extraordinary, masterful filmmaking” ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭
Eye For Film

“gripping, chilling and scary. A visceral dramatisation of every home-owner’s worst nightmare that plays potently on fears about broken Britain.” ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭
Total Film

Cherry Tree Lane

Your worst fears have come home


A disturbing and shocking cautionary tale that will make you think twice about opening your front door to strangers. A provocative new film from writer/director Paul Andrew Williams (London to Brighton).

Christine and Mike are an ordinary middle-class couple, living in what could be any house on any street. It’s an average evening as they prepare dinner, open a bottle of wine and bicker as they wait for their teenage son Sebastian to come home from football. A ring at the door is answered by Christine. A terrible scream and she reappears, a knife at her throat, a gang of teenagers at her back, who tie them both up. It seems Sebastian has snitched on one of them and they are here to exact the worst revenge imaginable to a parent, but in the sincere belief they hold the moral high ground – that this is the right thing to do. They settle in to wait for Sebastian to come home.

Cherry Tree Lane Film Still 04
Cherry Tree Lane Film Still 04