Con Game (doble juego)

genre Comedy Thriller
director Alberto Durant
producers donald ranvaud
cast fabrizio aguilar, carlos alcántara
country peru, argentina, cuba, spain (spanish)
running time 90 mins
year 2004

“crisply written and staged ensembler”

Con Game (doble juego)

Money isn't everything


Smart, fast-paced and engaging, Con Game explores the depths of deception and blind trust.

An intricate web of lies perpetrated by a Spaniard posing as a major executive of a telephone company in Peru brings together a motley group of struggling Peruvians of every social level and moral standing including a con artist, a real estate broker and a filmmaker. Each will be deceived and one by one will sell each other out for the promise of a lucrative reward.

Con Game Film Still 03
Con Game Film Still 03