Favela Rising

genre feature documentary
director matt mochary, jeff zimbalist
producers sidetrack films, voy pictures, stealth creations
cast anderson sá, jose junior
country us, brazil (portuguese)
production status Completed
running time 80min
year 2005
us distribution ThinkFilm

Favela Rising

their music fuelled a movement. his message fought a war


A man emerges from the slums of Rio to lead the Afro-Reggae cultural movement in this award-winning doc, released by Thinkfilm in North America.

Anderson Sá grew up in the worst of Rio’s favelas ruled over by drug lords whose average age of death was 14 to 25. In 1993, after a cop killing, the military police retaliated by brutally, and randomly, murdering 21 innocent people, one of whom was Sá’s younger brother. Rather than let anger defeat him, he made a decision to try and stop the cycle of violence. Mobilising friends, Sá started a band, Afro-Reggae, to perform his upbeat, yet courageously honest music, which featured lyrics about police brutality. Before long Afro-Reggae was a whole movement, crossing favelas previously at war and luring kids away from guns and drugs and towards music and self-respect.

Favela Rising Film Still 01
Favela Rising Film Still 01