Lower City (Cidade Baixa)

genre Drama
director sérgio machado
writer karim aïnouz
producers walter salles, maurício andrade ramos
cast lázaro ramos, wagner moura, alice braga
country brazil (portuguese)
production status Completed
running time 98min
year 2005
us distribution Palm Pictures
uk distribution Verve Pictures

“braga’s overwhelming, titillating performance could make an eunuch bang the pope on a sunday. it’s that hot and so is lower city
Austin Chronicle

“steaminess and sexiness abound. unapologetically passionate”
The Guardian

“searing performances”

“the action in this character-driven film is scintillatingly sexy”

Lower City (Cidade Baixa)

love to live. live to love


Produced by Walter Salles and starring Alice Braga (I Am Legend), a startlingly intimate debut from director Sérgio Machado, Cannes award-winning Lower City bursts with sensuality and energy. Released in the US by Palm Pictures.

Karinna, a travelling prostitute, trades her favours to lifelong friends Deco and Naldinho for a ride back to Salvador on their boat. After Deco is almost killed at a cockfight, the trauma brings the three of them close and into an uneasy ménage-à-trois. But the intense love each man feels for Karinna is threatening to destroy their once unbreakable friendship.

Lower City Film Still 01
Lower City Film Still 01