genre thriller
director michael winnick
writer michael winnick
producers patrick rizotti, brett forbes
executive producers Shaun Redick, Ray Mansfield
cast josh stewart, bojana novakovic, melissa bolona, delroy lindo
country us
production status post-production
running time tbc
year 2017


it will take what's most precious to you


when a young college professor adam (josh stewart) and his pregnant wife  lisa (bojana novakovic) suffer a traumatic event, they find themselves haunted — and connected — to a malicious entity. It is only when adam calls upon dr clark (delroy lindo), a professor of parapsychology at the university, that the true horror of what they have encountered becomes clear.

Starring Josh Stewart (Insidious 4, The Neighbor, The Collector), Bojana Novakovic (Edge Of Darkness, Devil, Drag Me To Hell) and Delroy Lindo (Point Break, Gone In Sixty Seconds). Written and directed by Michael Winnick (Guns, Girls and Gambling) and produced by Patrick Rizzotti and Brett Forbes (The Neighbor, The Collection, The Collector).