genre Action
director Mo Ali
writer Jeremy Sheldon and Peter Lowe based on an idea by Mo Ali and Peter Lowe
producers Gareth Roberts, Mark Foligno, Iain Richardson
cast Lars Mikkelsen, McKell David, Adam Deacon, Ashley Walters
country UK
production status Completed
running time 103min
year 2013
uk distribution Entertainment One


revenge has a new name


Dimitrije is a Balkan ex-special forces soldier who has come to London hellbent on bloody vengeance for the murder of his family. In a chance encounter, Dimitrije saves Montana – a street smart kid – from a gangland execution; eliminating his would-be murderers with ruthless detachment.

Bound together by a shared need for revenge, the boy is mentored by Dimitrije in the dark arts of assassination and in so doing, learns the true meaning of friendship, honour and respect…It transpires that Montana is a natural. And he’s very, very angry.

MontanaThe Karate Kid meets Leon set in London. But with more guns.

Cast and Crew

Director is Mo Ali (Shank) and stars Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing) as Dimitrije – the assassin. Cast also includes BAFTA Rising Star winner Adam Deacon (Kidulthood) and rapper-turned-actor Ashley Walters (Bullet Boy, Sket). Introducing McKell David as Montana.

Produced by Mark Foligno, Gareth Maxwell Roberts and Iain Richardson of Molifilms.

Music by Salt’s sister company Underscore Collective.