Rolling Family (familia rodante)

genre Comedy drama
director pablo trapero
writer pablo trapero
producers martina gusman
executive producers Robert Bevan, Donald Ranvaud
cast liliana capurro, graciana chironi, ruth dobel, federico esquerro
country argentina, brazil, france, germany, spain, uk (spanish)
production status Completed
running time 103min
year 2004
us distribution Palm Pictures

Rolling Family (familia rodante)

life is an adventure. roll with it


Festival favourite from Pablo Trapero, the semi-autobiographical Rolling Family stars Trapero’s own grandmother, who won awards for her performance as the family matriarch.

Octogenarian grandmother Emilia (Graciana Chironi) squeezes her extended family into a dilapidated motor home for a cross-country road trip teeming with domestic discord in this Argentinean comedy. As they travel toward the Brazilian border to attend a family wedding, relationships blossom and fall apart, old feuds reignite, and other thorny issues crop up in the camper’s stifling close quarters.

Rolling Family Film Still 04
Rolling Family Film Still 04