genre Thriller
director Dan Reed
producers damian jones, kevin loader
cast gillian anderson, danny dyer
country UK
running time 79 mins
year 2007
us distribution Sony Pictures

“first rate cult thriller”
The Times


Let the revenge fit the crime


A dark and intensely disturbing thriller, the debut feature of Bafta-nominated conflict documentarist Dan Reed, acquired by Sony for all major markets.

When Adam is invited by Alice, a beautiful older woman, to accompany her to a lavish party in the country he knows he is going to have the best night of his life. Exhilarated by highly charged sex, Alice and Adam speed away from the party down a wooded and desolate road in Alice’s fast car. In a moment of distraction, a fateful collision catapults them into the path of a vicious and random attack, the consequences of which leave them emotionally and physically scarred. Settling the score seems the only way out of this self-destructive spiral.

Straightheads Film Still 01
Straightheads Film Still 01