Welcome to the Jungle

genre Comedy
director Rob Meltzer
writer Jeff Kauffmann
producers Justin Kanew, Luillo Ruiz
executive producers stephen hays, peter graham, mark feldstein, brad roth, alex goldstone, robert bevan, samantha horley, cyril mégret
cast adam brody, jean-claude van damme, rob huebel, kristen schaal, megan boone, dennis haysbert
country US/Puerto Rico
production status Completed
running time 93min
year 2012
us distribution Universal Pictures
uk distribution Universal Pictures

Welcome to the Jungle

Unleash your inner beast!


Adam Brody plays Chris, an ex-boy scout who is a weakling in his workplace and regularly bullied by Phil (Huebel). When the whole office is sent on a wilderness retreat in an excruciating team building exercise headed up by unhinged ex Marine “Storm” (Van Damme), Storm is promptly attacked by a wild cougar, Phil assumes leadership, and chaos quickly follows. It’s up to Chris to man up and release his inner beast… or they may be stuck there forever.

In the spirit of “lost in the wilderness” comedies such as Tropic Thunder and Without a Paddle, and workplace comedies like Employee of the Month and Waiting … Throw in the warm wit of Apatow and Welcome to the Jungle is a rare beast in today’s market: A comedy that delivers on the laughs – both the high and the lowbrow.

cast and crew

Our cast is headed by Adam Brody who gained worldwide popularity through his lead role in the hugely successful Fox show The O.C. alongside noted performances in films including Jason Reitman’s Thank You for Smoking and the Diablo Cody-written Jennifer’s Body.

Jean-Claude Van Damme needs no introduction. Starring in Expendables 2 last year, Van Damme has been displaying his comedy chops in a series of hugely popular Coors Light UK ads online and on TV in which he brilliantly sends up his tough-guy action persona (overo 1,000,000 hits on the UK site).

Also attached are Kristen Schaal (The Daily Show, Flight of The Conchords) as the bunny-loving Brenda, Rob Huebel (The Descendants, I Love You, Man) as Phil and Dennis Haysbert (24’s president palmer).

Director Rob Meltzer is a highly sought after comedy commercials director who has collaborated with actors such as Larry David, George Lopez, Danny DeVito and Neil Patrick Harris and brands such as Virgin America, Expedia.com and Yamaha Motors. Rob recently directed a series of award-winning promos for Conan O’Brien’s return to television. Rob’s short film, I Am Stamos, starring John Stamos, premiered at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival and went on to play at 65 more festivals, winning numerous “Best Short Film” awards.

Producer Justin Kanew is an independent producer who has recently been running Production and Development at National Lampoon. Film credits include National Lampoon’s The Legend of Awesomest Maximus starring Will Sasso and National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve starring Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Producer Luillo Ruiz is a former commercial producer having made over 200 commercials with brands including Pepsi, Budweiser, and Verizon. Film credits include The Caller starring Stephen Moyer and Rachelle Lefevre and Maldeamores (Lovesickness) which became the most successful local film in history in Puerto Rico.

Writer is Jeff Kauffmann, Welcome to the Jungle is his first feature.

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